Print & Information Design

    • Academic project
    • September 19 - May 20
    • Print design
    • Art direction
    • InDesign
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop

Building a book, design system and campaign.

I designed a social change campaign for my Graphic Design 2 class and, being a budding journalist, chose to focus on media literacy and trust. As I began to explore visual concepts and applications of the project, I realized that I cared far more for the campaign strategy and design process rather than the end product itself.

With my professor’s blessing, I pivoted from executing a campaign to, instead, laying the groundwork for an expanding design system — documenting my iterations, decisions and potential future directions. The end result is this process book, the contents of which I wrote and designed, featuring photography by my friend Victoria. It was a wonderful project to work on and to wrap up my undergrad design career. And it makes a great addition to my bookshelf!