Hello there Cantonese-American designer-developer and journalist here — based in Melbourne, Australia.

Me smiling in front of the Twelve Apostles rock formations in the distance along the coast of Victoria, Australia

I’m an interactive designer at Stuff.co.nz. Before this, I worked at The New York Times and Upstatement collecting and telling stories with data.

About me

Call me a Melburnian by way of New York — it’s been an unexpected but exciting adventure of a move during lockdown. A big change of scenery. Check out these rocks!

I work in design, for the news. I communicate ideas and information visually when words alone fall short, and I use code to create graphics and stories that are interactive — made for the web. Digital, visual journalism is an exciting space to be in, and I’m passionate about innovating on the way we consume and craft media.

I’ve spent my whole life on the East Coast of the States before moving to the other side of the world. I earned a B.S. in Computer Science & Design from Northeastern University in Boston (Go Huskies!) where I learned I can put these skills to use in a newsroom towards work that is tangible, impactful and never boring. I’m also a member of the Asian American Journalists Association where I helped to start and run the “News Nerds” affinity group for other techies in media like myself.

My time spent at home has been channeled largely into baking. Otherwise, you might find me doing Yoga with Adriene or drawing letters for original fonts.

Me being silly, half standing, half crouching on a big rock on the beach with my arms extended. I'm looking off to the distance a smiling.