The Long Read podcast

    • Stuff
    • May 21
    • Full-stack dev
    • Design
    • Publishing
    • Visual identity
    • Vue/Nuxt.js
    • Google Sheets
    • Github Actions

Building the home and look for Stuff’s new podcast

Stuff expanded its audio footprint in 2020, launching several new podcasts and its new series The Long Read. Needing an identity and a homepage to live on, this was a first-of-a-kind project for the Projects team, and a first for me as well. I designed and developed a digital presence for TLR using Vue/Nuxt.js as well as the auto-publishing workflow, powered by Google Sheets and Github Actions, to support its ongoing production. The result is a low-maintenence microsite that has proven the success of both auto-publishing systems and a new JavaScript framework for our team to consider for future off-template initiatives.